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When the Aloe Vera flowers, it means that the plant is mature and actually goes through puberty.
In other words, the flower of Aloe Vera marks the maturity and the symbol of the pride of this wonderful plant.


Aloe Vera mineral water

Lily of the Desert offers a widely available juice and gel and claims it contains 200 biologically active components such as vitamins A, C and E, minerals and amino acids.
Following in coconut water’s boom, a number of manufacturers have developed aloe-based waters. The juice and gel are colorless and their slightly bitter citrus notes work well with other like-minded, nutritionally trendy ingredients such as honey, wheatgrass, goji berries and pomegranate. In my Wegmans, they fly off their ransacked shelves faster than I can try them all.

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Aloe Vera gel

You can use Aloe vera gel to reduce sunburn, acne, dry and irritated skin. Some people also understand the appearance of stretch marks and the anti-aging effects of gel use on fine lines and wrinkles. Gel may also be used to help reduce acid reflux and soft constipation. Aloe vera gel can even be diluted and combined with other natural ingredients to produce home-made mouthwash.
This gel is loaded inside Aloe Vera leaves with several nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are useful for skin and hair. This plant is safe for outdoor and indoor use.

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Pajuosh Aloe Vera

The bush of the alley, in fact, the baby aloe vera, which is called Pajush, needs a lot of care. Special conditions are needed for the growth of these spruce, including ambient temperature. However, this plant is native to Africa, however, it should not be exposed to the sun. There is a lot of dryness because it will damage the bush and cause the growth of green leaves to freeze.
Instead of buying from marketers, you can plant the plant directly from a high quality and affordable producer.

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Aloe Vera shampoo

The durability of Aloe vera gel, which is the main formulation of this shampoo, is suitable for pH-balanced skin and hair, not only for hair, but also for scalp; it makes it more comfortable for softness and clarity and comfortability, and in addition, It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces itching, redness and swelling on the scalp. This shampoo can be a good alternative to pharmaceutical shampoos available in pharmacy shelves due to its antibacterial properties.

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Aloe Vera pot

From this point of view, the Aloe Vera is a symbol of power and vividness, and its existence at home makes you feel great.The thick, fleshy, gray-green leaves of aloe vera (Aloe vera, sometimes called Aloe barbadensis) store water for the plant to use during droughts, so aloe vera is a succulent plant.From this point of view, the Aloe Vera is a symbol of power and vividness, and its existence at home makes you feel great. Since it has its own water supply, it survives heat, infrequent watering and being potbound. What it can’t tolerate is poor drainage, and having a pot with good drainage holes is essential for its survival.

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